What is it like to have an Intuitive Reading

My aim is to give you a gift of yourself…

Intuitive readings will vary depending on the person giving the reading. There is no one way of doing it, although many Intuitives share common practices, tools and a clear understanding of what happens when they perform a reading.

Intuitive readings for me is like a download of information from the Source/The Divine/Gaia/Goddess or whatever entity you associate your spirituality with, in relation to the person receiving a reading. I often start getting information and messages once a contact is made. Sometimes I am not able to stop the stream of information, symbols and images coming in meaning it will come quickly and in great amount. Other times it takes longer for the download to begin and sometimes it doesn’t happen and I need to do some extra work and apply extra techniques to be able to access the receiver’s higher self. It depends on your energetic presence and openness to receive at the time of your reading and the level of wounding and perhaps, trauma of the past.

Readings can relate to what is happening in the body energetically, emotionally or physically, symbols might come up, which point to characteristics of a person receiving a reading or in relation to a question or an issue they are having at that moment. I often tap into the place of higher potential of a client, which can show itself in many ways. Personal potential is something I am very passionate about, as it is deeply rooted in my belief that everyone is fundamentally part of the Source and possess unique gifts, i.e. there is nothing that one cannot do with conscious awareness, intention and a fully opened heart. I aim to point you to your gifts and send you away feeling empowered and confident in your own uniqueness and beauty. Some individuals will also be very open in a way that past life experiences and archetypal information would come through for them.

Intuitive work for me is not being a psychic. I do not predict the future or give precise answers, although I can get close to that. My aim is to give you a gift of yourself, if you like, by providing information sent to me to pass on to you in general or in a certain situation. I can also paint a bigger picture of you, if you like, as I see you in terms of your qualities, blockages in energy, your potential and spiritual path.

I work with energies within mental, emotional and physical bodies and apply my understanding of the elements in nature – Air, Earth, Fire and Water. Each element corresponds to a set of qualities and characteristics unique to you. It is like reading energy around the whole person, tuning into vibration looking in each corner, so to speak, like opening a book, your book.

Intuitive readings can produce powerful effects in you and it is important to be able to trust and align positively with a practitioner that you choose to have a reading with. It is also vital to look after yourself during and after a reading. If you have any follow up questions, you should be able to contact your intuitive for a bit of further guidance or clarification.

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